Rusnac-MoldAqua is located on the outskirts of Gura Căinarului village in Floresti district.
In this region, at a depth of 150 meters, there is an area of springs, which is reliably protected from any external factors.

Every day, the water rises to the surface on its own with an average temperature of 11 ℃, having a stable chemical composition and taste. We monitor these indicators on a monthly basis, and they remain unchanged, regardless of the season and weather conditions.

Benefits of spring water

We use water from springs, not from wells. It is safer for both humans and nature.
  • We do not interfere with natural processes - water from the spring rises naturally.
  • The well disrupts natural processes - water is produced forcibly using pumps.
  • Spring water rises to the surface clean, so it does not need to be processed - it is natural natural water.
  • The water from the well contains impurities, therefore it must be processed - this is not natural natural water.
  • Spring water has a balanced natural mineral composition - it is useful for humans.
  • Well water is highly saline - it requires a lot of filtration, after which artificial minerals are added to it.
  • Spring water is stable.
  • Well water is unstable as wells are not always properly serviced.